forums of The Type Heritage Project [THP]. A tradition for centuries, a chapel [also spelled “chappel”] was the social bond among employees of a letterpress workplace. In the American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking (1894), W.W. Pasko defines the term:

  • A meeting of duly enrolled male and/or female members of a printing house, considered as a society.
  • In large establishments, there were sometimes separate chapels for each department; for example, compositors.
  • The meeting itself may be held “in a beer-house, in a public hall or on the street” (or via the Internet!).

This Chapel is a “virtual hangout” that connects revival developers and researchers with THP, with each other, and with like-minded folks engaged in activities serving the posterity of our common interest and THP’s mission:

  • Discover and document the origins of display typefaces first designed during the 19th- or early-20th century.
  • Publish a series of textbooks on this subject illustrating available digital revivals.
  • Recruit, coordinate and facilitate the work of revival developers who provide specimens for the textbooks.

Together, this international community of volunteers tackles such challenges as:

  • Assemble complete working specimens of rare fonts for digital archival.
  • Build and maintain a database tracking the status of revivals.
  • Learn more about early type designers, producers and their work.
  • Translate non-English historical materials for international study.

Another important function of The Chapel is to discuss issues and logistics related to stocking an eCommerce venue with historically documented fonts:

  • The THP Bazaar serves type-history educators/scholars and discriminating collectors with authentic revivals and other historical fonts.
  • Patronage helps to support the continued work of font developers dedicated to preservation as well as THP research and publications.

Everyone interested in research and/or revivals of pre-digital types is cordially invited to view discussions and attachments. Only registered Chapel Members may post or upload images. Please join us!


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