Documented and Likely Designs by Carl Emil Heyer, Boston Type Foundry 1867–1877
Chronological by Patent Number Before 1873, by Application Date Thereafter
Reference No., Tradename USPTO Design Patent Designer Remarks, Earliest
Named Specimen Examined
Applicant Filed Issued Number
1 Bank-Note RomanΘ John K. Rogers Dates not published until 1873 1870 D04529Ξ Heyer? Julius Herriet Sr. cut Oblique Shaded, a copy of Bank-Note Italic, for the Conner TF in 1874.
2 Bank-Note ItalicΘ 1870 D04530Ξ
3 Card Ornamented Schraubstadter Sr. 1870 D04531Ξ
4 Collegiate Andrew Gilbert 1871 D04563Ξ Heyer?
Gilbert was connected with the New England TF|Bailey & Gilbert (Boston), where William F. Capitain worked for a few months in the early 1870s.¹·²
5 Rimini 1871 D04627Ξ
6 “New” Bostonian John K. Rogers 1871 D04981Ξ
7 Bank-Note Black Extended James A. St. John 1871 D04982Ξ
8 Tremont∗ Schraubstadter Sr. 1872 D05493Ξ
9 Gothic Italic Andrew Gilbert 1872 D05507Ξ
10 Combination Caps Carl E. Heyer 1872 D05729Ξ Heyer  Bullen writes that Boston TF was a coöperative of shareholders who elected an Agent to represent them.³
 Except for the years between 1869/1870 (historians disagree) and 1871, John K. Rogers was the Agent until his death in 1888.
 In the long history of BTF (1817–1892), no design patent was assigned to it. Perhaps if every applicant was an owner, there was "no one to assign it to."
11 Card Black 1872 D05759Ξ
12 Compressed Black 1874 1874 D08240Ξ
13 Vienna 1874 1875 D08241Ξ
14 Nubian 1874 1875 D08242Ξ
15 Bank-Note Italic Ornamented 1874 1875 D08376Ξ
16 Copperplate Italic 1874 1875 D08243Ξ
17 Harlem Text∗ 1875 1875 D08244Ξ
18 Harlem Shade∗ 1875 1875 D08446Ξ
19 Mayence 1875 1875 D08447Ξ
20 Boston Black John K. Rogers 1876 1876 D09167Ξ Heyer?
21 ChequeΘ John K. Rogers 1882 1882 D13098Ξ BTF Catalog 1879
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