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Chapel Text, ATF ≤1897
Albion, A.P. Bauer/
J.M. Conner, 1872-1874
Ecclesiastic, Caslon c1870

By at least four tradenames spanning three decades, this face was extremely popular in the US and abroad. Nicolette Gray [190] cites it as Ecclesiastic# per the Caslon Circular of c1870.

In 1872-1874, a US patent for an identical design was issued to Alexander P. Bauer of Frankfort and assigned to James M. Conner of New York [USPTO D7145].

Both the Conner and Bauer TFs showed it as Albion. When the Conner TF merged with ATF in 1892, the face was “pooled,” renamed Chapel Text [1897 ATF Catalog, New York edition] and shown until c1900.

The fourth tradename, Initial Black, entitles an unattributed specimen illustrated in the Spring 1878 edition of Hailing’s Circular


Were you fooled?

The typeface illustrated above is not ATF Chapel Text=Bauer/Conner Albion=Caslon Ecclesiastic

It is rightly identified as Monogramm Gotisch#, a “look-alike” advertised by the Nies TF (Frankfurt) in Volume 8/07-08 (1871) of Archiv für Buchdruckerkunst und verwandte Geschäftszwiege.

In Celtic and Medieval Alphabets [6-7], Dan X. Solo illustrates the Nies version as Chappel Text#—not to be confused with the work of Warren Chappel [1904–1991], a US-born type and book designer.

Since the “genuine” ATF Chapel Text=Bauer/Conner Albion=Caslon Ecclesiastic has not been digitized for posterity, THP substituted this one. As the “signature face” for The Chapel, an authentic revival tops the THP Wish-List!


Boston TF ≤1860
Ornamented No. 540,
Bruce TF 1876

McGrew [342] discusses a second face tradenamed Ecclesiastic# as Bruce’s Ornamented No. 540 of 1876 and notes alternate tradenames Tudoresque# and Victoria#.

The earliest specimen examined by THP appears in the Boston TF catalog of 1860 with the tradenames Ecclesiastic# (great primer) and Tudoresque# (pica).

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Tudoresque, Figgins 1847
Victoria, Flinsch c1903

Likewise, the tradenames Tudoresque# and Victoria# were duplicated by Figgins [Gray 188] and Flinsch [Petzendorfer c1903 39].