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Aldus•Allen R. Walden•Character•Claude Pelletier•ES Typography
George Williams•James Milligan•Robert Moore•Toto•Traitor Vic

  • FontSpace, endorsed by THP-fave revival font developers. Handy tags for collectors:

Dan X. SoloDoverSolotypeWesternOld WesternTuscanVictorian

  • Optifonts. Many revivals produced by Film Fonts of Chicago/Castcraft were digitized and once marketed by three brothers, all presumed deceased. Since their website is apparently abandoned, the good folks at abfonts pooled their collections and organized them for free download.

Free fonts are not (necessarily) “junk fonts.” Many of the developers recommended above have been commissioned by high-profile US and European digital foundries; others are history-committed hobbyists with professional-level skills. THP is most grateful to them for their work and their generosity!