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Copy for this clearly self-serving write-up was undoubtedly supplied by the Lindsay TF. Note the phrase “extremely low prices.” The designs were copied from popular styles introduced by competitors1 and produced quickly, easily and cheaply by the electrotype method.

Illustrated New York|The Metropolis of To-Day, page 106
International Publishing Company•New York, 1888

THE LINDSAY TYPE FOUNDRY, No. 75 Fulton Street; Robert Lindsay and B. Dauchy. One of the most notable and old-established houses in New York actively engaged in the production of type is The Lindsay Type Foundry, No. 75 Fulton Street, of which Robert Lindsay and B. Dauchy compose the firm. This business was established in 1852 by R. and J. Lindsay, who were succeeded by R. & J. and A.W. Lindsay; and eventually in 1881, the present firm succeeded to the [present] management.

The premises occupied are spacious and fully equipped with all the latest improved apparatus, machinery and appliances necessary for the successful and systematic conduct of the business. Eighty experienced type-founders, operatives, etc., are employed, and the machinery is driven by steam-power. The firm manufactures extensively all kinds of type, rules, leads, slugs, etc., which for quality, finish and uniform excellence are unsurpassed by those of any other first-class house in the trade.

The facilities of The Lindsay Type Foundry have expanded greatly since its establishment and are now such as can only apply to those firms thoroughly understanding the business, which are enterprising enough to take advantage of all the latest improvements and inventions, whereby all orders may be promptly filled with perfect satisfaction to the trade.

The proprietors are constantly making new and elegant fonts of type suitable for the finest work, which are offered to customers at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES. The trade of the house extends throughout all sections of the United States, while large quantities of their type are exported to Canada, Mexico, the West Indies, Central and South America.

Mr. Lindsay was born in Scotland, but has resided in New York for the last forty years; his partner, Mr. Dauchy, is a native of Troy, New York. Both gentlemen are thoroughly conversant with the wants of the trade, and are highly esteemed in business circles for their enterprise, skill, and just methods, fully meriting the substantial success they are achieving in this useful and valuable industry.

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