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ATF published multiple editions of the 1897 catalog in different cities for established regional customers. Annenberg lists no less than seven, and Saxe adds another.¹

Three of them are available as PDFs, and they differ. Faces shown in one catalog may not be shown in the others, and vice-versa!

  • New York. Specimens of Printing Types. The preface is dated April 1897. The first ATF headquarters was “hosted” by the former Conner/United States TF in a new, larger location at Rose and Duane Streets.
  • Buffalo. Handy Specimen Book|Specimens of Type, Borders & Ornaments, Brass Rule, Wood Type, etc. The title page identifies the ATF Buffalo Branch and the date as 1897; the preface is dated January 1898. Annenberg notes that this edition was printed in Philadelphia.
  • Chicago. Handy Specimen Book|Specimens of Type, Borders & Ornaments, Brass Rules and Cuts, etc. Both the title page and preface are dated 1897. Place of publication deduced from the fact that the non-alphabetical branch directory is lists Chicago first; the address is the same as for the former Marder, Luse & Co.


¹Annenberg, M.; Saxe, S.O. [Editors]; Lieberman, E.K. [Index](1994): Type Foundries of America and Their Catalogs, pages 43 and 250. Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, DE.


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