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July 24, 2013 at 5:39 AM #2570


Thanks to a link offered by Albert-Jan Pool, I found valuable information on Nies Monogramm Gotisch in this treatise on the history of German-speaking TFs:

Chronik der Schriftgießereien in Deutschland
und den deutschsprachigen Nachbarländern Bearbeitet
Edited Chronicle of Type Foundries in Germany
and German-Speaking Neighboring Countries

von Friedrich Bauer, Offenbach am Main 1928
by Friedrich Bauer, Offenbach am Main, 1928

Mit Ergänzungen und Nachträgen von Hans Reichardt
With additions and amendments by Hans Reichardt

My college German is worse than “rusty,” and the google version is poor. Is someone willing to tackle an English translation for future type historians who don’t know German?

The pdf is available from the Klingspor Museum.



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