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September 12, 2014 at 2:45 AM #15914


Flickr has addressed most of the complaints that arose from a highly unpopular design “update” earlier this year. Furthermore, a super new feature has been added—hovering the image evokes a magnifying glass icon for convenient closeup examination.

Flickr offers excellent organization tools:

  • Related images may be grouped together as “Albums” (formerly called “Sets,” a term that still occurs in the latest version).
  • Albums/Sets may be further united as “Collections.”
  • THP takes full advantage of Flickr’s generous allotment of a full terabyte of storage free to all concerned and well indexed by search engines.
  • Countless uploaded images court Chaos.
  • Albums/Sets are easily viewed by clicking a main-menu tab. I have suggested to the Flickr folks that Collections *should be* as easily available to visitors.

Now it seems safe(?) to publish links to some THP Collections:

flickr imagesAll THP Collections
flickr imagesAll revival specimens, alphabetically by tradename

flickr imagesJohn F. Cumming | A Humble, Honest Man
flickr imagesNicolette Gray ♦ Diamond Jubilee

flickr images19th-Century Type Producers (so far, Fonderie Générale, Bruce, Central)
flickr images Serendipities. Accidentally discovered info about pre-THP revivals
flickr imagesLudvig Sandöe Ipsen of Boston, a very interesting independent lettering artist
flickr imagesHenry L. Bullen
and Discursions of a Retired Printer
flickr imagesType Designs by C.E. Heyer [in progress]

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

  • When viewing a set/album, clicking to the right of the image leads to the next one; to the left, the previous one.
  • Click the link in the lower-left corner of the viewing screen to view the entire set.
  • To return to the Collection, click the “Photostream” tab and then the “•••” icon on the far right of the main menu. The next screen displays all THP collections.
  • PLEEZE let me know if this navigation scenario does not work for YOU!


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