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June 2, 2013 at 3:00 PM #518


If you are willing to share the text of a contract between you and another venue, it would be helpful to review, consider and, whenever possible, improve the provisions (in your favor!). THP’s terms are the most vendor-friendly available:

  • Royalty to you: 75%
  • Commission to THP: 25%

Death and Taxes… Issues possibly not addressed by others that concern THP:

  • In case you are “hit by a bus tomorrow,” who should inherit your royalties?
  • Your copyright expires 70 years after your death. In the (unlikely) event that the THP Marketplace still exists in the far future, who should inherit your posthumous royalties?
  • Recordkeeping for US taxpayers. If THP font income qualifies for issuance of Form 1099 (fat chance!), what is the impact on vendors’ reported income?

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Many thanks for your contribution to The Type Heritage Project!


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