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This famous TF was formed in 1923 with the merger of Deberny and Peignot, whose histories spanned 175 years.

It began on “the Deberny side of the family” with Joseph Gaspard Gillé in 1748. Along the way, this TF passed through members of the Laurent family in 1818–1840, one of whom partnered with the “rascal” author/publisher, Honoré de Balzac. The last Laurent joined the first Deberny in 1828. Deberny ownership continued until 1881, and the successors apparently retained the honored name.

Origins of the Peignot TF are traced to François Ambroise Didot in c1775, about 25 years after Gillé. The last member of this powerful publishing dynasty prevailed until the mid-1830s, when the TF was absorbed by Fonderie Générale. In 1875, Gustav Peignot emerged as owner of two united branches inherited by sons of widows whose late husbands (Leclerc and Bliaux) had been competitors. His descendants held the company until 1923.

A definitive history of D&P was written by a Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, a candidate for an M.S. degree at Rochester Institute of Technology.¹ Once published at the RIT website, it is now preserved by the ‘Way Back Machine (Internet Archives):

¹Hugill-Fontanel, A. (2002): Publication of an Internet-Accessible Database Resource for Arts et Metiers Graphiques. Thesis, Master of Science in the School of Printing Management and Sciences in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology.

At last report, Ms. Hugill-Fontanel was an RIT faculty member.


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