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EclipseThese handsome latin hunks strut dual-case alphabets in both the 3D and “plain” styles. Who could resist those macho hooked “C”s?

They were designed by Charles E. Heyer, who patented Eclipse Shaded in 1882 [USPTO D12804] and Eclipse in 1883–1884 [USPTO D14959]. He assigned the rights to Arthur M. and Alson E. Barnhart (by name), his employers since 1878.

Eclipse and his “big bro” were discontinued between the catalogs of 1900 and 1907.

Preliminary Specimensflickr images Working Specimens

  • Patent Exhibit, Eclipse Shaded. Complete caps alphabet, numerals, punctuation, &$?! plus catch-word “AND.”
  • Patent Exhibit, Eclipse. All of the above plus LC alphabet.
  • Commercial Specimens. Five catalog showings extracted from PDFs.


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