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January 28, 2017 at 4:40 AM #29465


Dear faithful members and visitors,

A much-belated Happy New Year! It was a long, *miserable* winter, and nearly all news is bad. Silly me… I imagined that the end of 2016 marked a Clean Slate to solving a few “solvable” problems. Unfortunately so far, 2017 poses unprecedented, extra-daunting challenges, especially for the THP Bazaar.

First, the Good News…

Sidebar problems affecting static pages (examples: Welcome, US Point/Pica System) stored at (this site)—not forum threads—were apparently caused by a required update of WordPress [WP] and inter-dependent support of the template system that controls discussions [bbPress]. They seem to have “fixed themselves.” If YOUR browsing experience is different, please notify me.

Indie-GoGo Has Dumped PayPal!

Indiegogo, which hosts the draft of a planned crowd-funding campaign, no longer accepts contributions via PayPal. This decision demanded immediate attention! In response to “Why are you making this change?,” the ever-so-lame answer, which blatently begs the question and substitutes “spin,” is totally unacceptable:

“We’ve received a lot of feedback over the years from our customers about
available payment options, and are excited to offer our campaigners and
contributors a more streamlined, consistent process with one payment processor.”

I was alarmed/suspicious because I really like everything about PayPal including its realistic, responsible social policies. Google led to a website that rates crowd-funding services—all reviews of Indie-GoGo are as negative as possible. The worst ones complain that the five-star ranking system offers no option for “minus 100” and purport that this crowd-funding portal is “nothing but a front for criminal behavior to bilk money from people.”

The THP Bazaar is “outta there”!

The same site recommends The downside is that, unlike, which (claims) credit of all pledges regardless of dollar goal, it is an “all-or-nothing” gamble. All told, I’m willing to accept this risk.

The next chore is to Start Over: Re-think, “re-jigger” cool features like the slide show of revival specimens and chart leading to forum topics about them, re-focus crowd-funding outreach on the creative aspects of the textbook series and digital revivals of fonts to be illustrated and documented therein instead of the commercial ones addressed by Indie-GoGo.

DropBox Has “Backfired”!

It seemed like SUCH a good idea at the time… I started using this highly recommended service several years ago because storage space allocated by the host ( for is limited to only 500 megabytes. Now the DropBox “public” folder is “private.” Even though I have *shared* it with *anyone who has a link to the resources stored there,* images do not display and links to PDFs and ZIPs are also broken.

So I must upload Every Single File stored there to one of the two related sites hosted by (unlimited storage), replace links to images, PDFs and ZIPs throughout all three THP websites plus related flickr posts [WHEW!]. Links at the Indie-GoGo site are also broken, and I won’t bother to fix them!

I have made a good start on this project—starting with, which must be migrated from to ASAP. Now I’m working on replacing links in the Revival Progress Chart and related topics. So far, I have progressed to the B’s…

Essential Bazaar Plugin No Longer Supported! is built with Easy Digital Downloads [EDD], a system of WordPress templates designed specifically for sale of digital files (e.g. fonts). Acceptable display of revival specimens depends on the plugin “EDD Features,” which was authored by an independent developer for his personal convenience. At this writing, he has not updated it to work with the latest WP version [OUCH!]. I am investigating workarounds for this disaster.

Lightning Strikes Again!

Destruction of networking components by a thunderstorm two years ago has happened again—twice in the past six months; the second time, last month… My ISP (Verizon) denies responsibility for damage to privately owned peripheral devices. Tech reps insist that since the system is fiber optic, it cannot conduct electricity—one even blamed ME for unplugging [Grrrrrr]!

Google searches yield multiple complaints like mine. While I feel justified in demanding that Verizon reimburse me for expenses including labor as if performed by an expensive contractor (I am my own DIY administrator), I have given up on “fighting City Hall” (at least for now).

This time, computers and networking devices were not damaged because I disconnected all ethernet cables as well as electrical cords before lightning struck. The downside is that my desk telephone/fax machine (bundled with internet service) doesn’t work! Until it is fixed, I manage with a cellphone.

Microsoft Mess!

After a crash and re-installation of my existing Windows OS, I was trapped in a hopeless loop. After days of online “chat” with MS tech reps to resolve a crazy scenario, I was promised that it was safe to ignore this message:

Windows must be activated within 30 days. Do you want to activate now? (click “Yes”)
Windows has already been activated (lather, rinse and repeat with every boot-up).

You guessed it… The expiration date arrived, and my Windows OS DIED. Worse, the install DVD simply loaded the existing system and spun me right back into the same hopeless activation loop. As usual, I fixed it myself. Rummaging for a boot alternative, I found a set of emergency reinstall floppies that I had wisely squirreled away for such an occasion. After an hour do so, a SIGH of relief!

Just as I had it *almost* set up my way, odd things started happening. So I decided to go with an upgrade recommended by a Verizon tech rep. It turned out to be a resource super-hog, so I quadrupled the RAM.

Last weekend, I finally managed to network a second machine dedicated to design activities for creating, storing and sharing images that document the original designers and producers of fonts [YAY!]. Until then, I was forced to copy the files to a USB device and manually switch them between Computers A and B [UGH!].

What I hate most about the new OS is that it doesn’t support my beloved Scrabble game!

Research in Progress

When I need a break from the *b-o-r-i-n-g,* *t-i-m-e—c-o-n-s-u-m-i-n-g* technical chores described above, I “relax” with My Favorite Activity, research of pre-digital display types, their designers and producers.

With the original goal of possibly offering it as as “perk” for the (now abandoned) Indie-GoGo campaign, I initiated this thread inquiring the possible value of an ivory/German silver compositors’ rule imprinted “Dauchy & Co. Advertisement Agency” at (a letterpress community).

Responses attacking my credibility prompted me to document “smoking-gun” evidence that in 1867, the Lindsay TF, wood-type producer J.G. Cooley and hardware tycoon S.T. Dauchy introduced a business plan that nearly killed The Goose (legitimate TFs) That Laid Golden Eggs (type designs that they, and soon every? advertising agency, stole).

Self-evident address, family and business connections lead to the conclusion that Cooley contracted the Lindsay TF to produce type cast by the electrotype process from pirated designs sold to printers and bartered for newspaper advertising space, thereby triggering price wars that nearly destroyed the US metal type industry.

Like the series on J.F. Cumming, this one snowballed into a “doctoral thesis” on the subject. I find it v-e-r-y interesting and, as far as I know, the story has not been told before. Feel free to take a peek!

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red HenThe Little Red Hen is a traditional folktale/fable (believed Russian) that teaches The Work Ethic. The title page shown is extracted from a version retold and illustrated by Florence White Williams (published in England, 1918):

One fine Spring day, The Little Red Hen found a wheat seed in the barnyard. Since she was preoccupied with feeding a brood of chicks, she asked her neighbors: “Who will help me plant this wheat?”

“Not I,” said the pig. “Not I,” said the goose. “Not I,” said the cat. “Not I,” said the rat. “Not I,” said the duck. “Then I’ll do it myself,” said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

As the growing season progressed, she asked again: “Who will help me tend/harvest/grind this wheat?” The response was always the same as before. “Then I’ll do it myself,” said the Little Red Hen. And she did. After she milled the grain into flour, she baked some delicious bread. “Who will help me eat this bread?,” asked The Little Red Hen.

“I will,” said all. In the traditional story, The Little Red Hen replies something amounting to, “No way, you lazy, fair-weather friends—I’ll do it myself!” (and she did!). Indie-GoGo, Verizon, Microsoft, WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads have declined to help this “little red hen.”

Volunteers are most welcome!

May 30, 2017 at 2:08 AM #30742


As far as I know, you can still share files and folders to people. Although it works a little differently than before.

There is a “Share” button on the right side for each file and folder beside the “…” button. It will appear when you hover on each item. When you click on it, a dialog bx will pops up asking you to add people or invite people to view and/or edit the files/folders.

Hope that make sense. Also, I can volunteer to work on the site if needed.

Best Regards,


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