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THP Partner Alan Prescott recently suggested exhibiting raster specimens of his work, and his idea soon blossomed into a Flickr showcase of his revivals and original designs. In the first three weeks, some of his images were viewed nearly 100 times!

Flickr is a Yahoo project launched in 2004. Unlike “social” sites, the interface is straight-forward and the presentation “no nonsense.” The Flickr Type Community is large, well-established, international, scholarly and quite interactive.

Flickr is well indexed by image-collecting “bots” and search engines. Many Flickr visitors who view THP images there arrived via searches. Links attached to THP’s flickr posts direct significant traffic to Chapel discussions, which in turn intensify interest in revivals and the work of developers represented here.

If you do not have a flickr account, it’s free and easy to open one.

Flickr How-To

Before you start uploading images and inviting visitors to view them, you may want to replace the default background photo and/or “buddy icon.”

Link Your Flickr Specimen to the Revival Topic

  1. Upload an image of your revival.
  2. Right- or control-click it to display a fly-out menu.
  3. Select “Copy Link Location” as shown.
  4. In a separate browser tab, open or start a forum topic about your revival.
  5. Write some text about it.
  6. Press the ENTER key.
  7. Paste the link to your flickr image.
  8. Press the ENTER key again.
  9. Step 8 is essential!
  10. Add additional text if desired.

Presto—your Flickr specimen appears in the body of your THP Chapel topic!

Link the Revival Topic to Your Flickr Specimen

  1. As in Step 2 above, copy the topic address as shown.
  2. Return to your Flickr specimen.
  3. Click it to open it in the viewing screen.
  4. Step 3 reveals editing dialogs for the title and description.
  5. In the description, write something like, “More about [name of your revival].”
  6. Paste the link to the topic.
  7. Don’t forget to save your changes!
  8. If you like, add additional links to the charts:

Voila! Now Flickr visitors who arrived there via Google, Google Images, etc. will be steered to the Chapel to learn more interesting type history.

Remember that when you post at Flickr, you are not addressing the THP Community. Your “audience” is Everyone, Everywhere who is interested in type history—and in your revival wares!

Organize Your Images

This process is not well supported by Flickr. Despite these limitations, Flickr is highly recommended as The Right Place to exhibit type specimens for positive attention.

  • The most powerful sorting option is “Sets,” groups of related images.
  • Sets may be grouped into Collections.
  • The downside is that Collections are not (yet?)  presented as a viewing option.
  • Since Sets is a front-line menu item, it offers the most potential.

If your work is devoted exclusively to revivals, you may find the Set level adequate:

  • By tradename with multiple widths/weights, ornamentation, chromatic separations, etc.
  • By style classifications like fatfaces, latins, sans-serifs, scripts, etc.


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