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October 20, 2016 at 1:27 PM #28776


It seems any new topics or replies are not immediately displayed. For example, new post/reply A will not be displayed at all until a new post/reply B is submitted. But then B will not be displayed until someone make a new post or reply… It seems to be some sort of bugs in the forum system…

October 21, 2016 at 12:03 AM #28785


So sorry for your inconvenience—I have the same compaint, and it’s very annoying! Yes, there are multiple bugs in bbPress, the template package that organizes these forums. I would fix them if I could… It does some things very well!

bbPress has not been updated lately and is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress, which I use for the bazaar site. Hopefully the next update will fix the WP compatibility too. Between the two improvements, maybe some of the bugs will be solved.

As I surf other sites, I notice many forum posts that are duplicated because they did not display instantly. This problem is caused by the cache (saved page views), which makes the page load faster.

Try clearing your browser’s cache—this works with Firefox, Chrome and maybe other browsers (Safari?). Afterwards, the page should refresh. More tips that usually (not always!) work with the Windows + Firefox/Chrome combo:

  • “Hard Reload.” Refresh the page while holding the control/ctrl key (keyboard shortcut ctrl/F5).
  • Copy the URL from the Address Bar. Close the page, then open it by pasting it in the Address Bar of a new tab (keyboard shortcut ctrl/l).

Hope these ideas help?

December 24, 2016 at 4:33 AM #29080


OUCH! With apologies, this site was “down” for a day or two… Why? Because the host ( unilaterally updated WordPress [WP] to the latest version without my permission. I had not done so because the template package that controls forum threads [bbPress] was not yet compatible with it.

After the unwelcome update, double-sidebar layouts went very wrong, so I decided to revert to the previous WP version. I “googled” the problem and followed step-by-step instructions.

The result was that all attempts to view displayed only blank white screens! A kind Bluehost tech rep restored the earlier version with the same sidebar layout problem and did a coding trick to prevent future automatic WP updates.

Rebuilding the site to acceptable viewing standards, which involves complex interaction of multiple plugins compatible with multiple WP versions, is the next hurdle. In due time, I will somehow manage to master this challenge.

In the meantime, I must ask again that loyal readers “please bear with me.” Thank you for your patience!

April 12, 2017 at 4:03 AM #30424

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