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It seems that Mr. Goudy was annoyed about misspelling of his first name, “Frederic” (not “Frederick”). Luc Devroye quotes him on this subject:

Someday I’ll design a typeface without a K in it, and then let’s see the bastards misspell my name.”

As a Chicago resident with valuable contacts at The Inland Printer,  Goudy had “self-promoted” his work in that professional journal since May 1896 or earlier.

During this period, he preempted this offense by identifying himself as “F.W. Goudy.” On a tip from Berne Nadall, William E. Loy addressed him as “Fred” in correspondence dated 29 September 1896.¹

THP is guilty of this mistake because his name is misspelled in the patent affidavit for Camelot [USPTO D32298] (co-inventor J.W. Phinney, who is credited by McGrew² with the lower case).

Now I wonder about the correct spelling of Schroeder’s name… Were multiple legal firms in three US cities careless enough to misspell his name too?
¹Loy, W.E. (August–October 1896). Letters of William E. Loy, California Historical Society (San Francisco). Reproduced in Johnston, A.M.; Saxe, S.O. [Editors] (2009): William E. Loy|Nineteenth-Century American Designers and Engravers of Type, page 16. Oak Knoll Books, New Castle, DE.
²McGrew, M. (1993): American Metal Types of the Twentieth Century (Second, Revised Edition), page 57. Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, DE.


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