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November 29, 2013 at 2:50 PM #5464

Alan Jay Prescott

Mahoney (Solotype Catalog 29) is Gothic Dotted (Kelly 316), which is Vanderburgh Wells Gothic Tuscan No. 8, which is the ERRONEOUS William H. Page No. 515 (Kelly 290), which I have revived as Gotico Dotted:

June 30, 2015 at 4:52 AM #22546


Thanks for the super revivals of these Page faces, Alan! As a convenience to site visitors confused by this muddle, the original topic about No. 151 is reposted below:

This face is the true No. 515# by William H. Page, as illustrated by Rob Roy Kelly (more below). Robert Lee of Unicorn Graphics identifies it with the Page catalog of 1890. The convenient tradename Cooktent# was apparently assigned by Dan X. Solo [Solotype Catalog 38], who identifies it as wood type.

Page began numbering his designs after 1874, when identification of tradenames was prohibited from applications for design patents.

Page and other type producers (notably the Bruce TF) probably did so to economize on additional registration fees. Tradenamed, rather than numbered, Page faces almost certainly pre-date 1874. Numbers in the 500 range were introduced in the late 1880s.

No design patents were issued to Page after 1880. A few sorts of the physical wood type display a patent notice dated December 20, 1887 that refers to a process for a die-cut production process invented by Page and/or his partner, George Setchell—not to the design.

Gothic DottedThe title and caption for No. 515# on Kelly’s page 290 is duplicated on page 316, which illustrates a superficially similar face (note that the text reads “figures are missing,” when they are illustrated). This specimen was perhaps the model for ITC Florinda and later digital revivals.

The face on page 316 is rightly identified as Gothic Dotted#, a titled (not numbered!) face shown by Page in 1872. A (close? exact?) copy of it, Gothic Tuscan No. 8# [Mahoney#, Solotype Catalog Wood Types 29], was shown by Vanderburgh Wells in 1877.¹

¹Kelly, R.R. (1977): American Wood Type, 1828–1900|Notes on the Evolution of Decorated and Large Types, pages 142, 290, 316. Litton Educational Pub­lishing, Inc./Van Nostrand Reinhold Company (New York 1969). Reprinted by DaCapo Press, Inc. (New York 1977).


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