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July 8, 2015 at 9:25 AM #22785


So far, font product pages at the THP Bazaar site do these cool tricks:

  1. Tabbed description and purchase info (best for mobile devices).
  2. Automatically generated sidebar menu of Similar and Compatible Fonts.
  3. Automatically generated specimen pages for each menu entry; for example, More 1870s Fonts.

The next step is to display automatically generated specimens for each Partner Storefront and dozens of “info-mercial” pages discussing styles, periods, designers, etc. Unfortunately, the plug-in that performs tricks 2) and 3) above does not support this function.

This is where I’m stuck… After testing umpteen promising alternatives without success, I’ve decided to set this issue aside for now and substitute links. Examples:

While continuing to develop demos of sales transactions, I will monitor new/updated plug-ins and request support that may lead to the ideal presentation of your work.


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