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Once font prices are set, Partners/EDD Shop Vendors may independently boost sales with incentive promotions. Suggestions:

  • Once-only discount for a patron’s first purchase selected from your archive.
  • Bundling. EDD offers flexible options for combining packages for a limited time. Each package is itemized on the patron’s invoice and in your records with the original accounting codes. Suggestions:
    • Buy Font A, get Font B free/half price.
    • All fonts originated by the same designer.
    • All fonts introduced during a certain period.
  • Discounts available to all patrons and featured as Today’s Bargains. Suggestions:
    • Introductory price for new font début.
    • Fonts of a selected style category, period, designer, etc.
    • Anniversary of a patent issue, designer’s birthday, etc.
    • Preview the EDD Discount Code dialog.


Coupons are issued privately at the Partner’s discretion in the purchase package or to selected patrons via eMail, etc.

If your work is already represented elsewhere, your contract with the existing vendor may limit your pricing and purchase incentive options.

  • To offer certain purchase incentives at bazaar.typeheritage.com, you may be required to duplicate an equivalent offer to other vendors’ customers.
  • Since coupons for future purchases are privately initiated by the THP Partner, they are (probably) exempt from such obligations.

This is how coupon purchase incentives look to the patron:

GoudyLeaf-RightSee also Packaging in the Partner Preliminaries forum.


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