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October 13, 2015 at 1:24 PM #25043


Once font prices are set, Partners/EDD Shop Vendors may independently boost sales with incentive promotions. Suggestions:

  • Once-only discount for a patron’s first purchase selected from YOUR collection.
  • Bundling. EDD offers flexible options for combining packages for a limited time. Each package is itemized on the patron’s invoice and in your records with the original accounting codes. Suggestions:
    • Buy XYZ Font A, get XYZ Font B free/half price.
    • All XYZ fonts originated by the same designer.
    • All XYZ fonts introduced during the 1880s.

Discounts available to all patrons and featured as Today’s Bargains. Suggestions:

  • Introductory price for new font début.
  • Fonts of a selected style category, period, designer, etc.
  • Anniversary of a patent issue, designer’s birthday, etc.
  • Preview the EDD Discount Code dialog.

Coupons issued privately in the purchase package or to selected patrons via eMail.

This is how it looks to the patron:

GoudyLeaf-RightSee also Packaging in the Partner Preliminaries forum.


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