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August 3, 2013 at 1:13 AM #2884


The earliest identified specimen of this face appears in Hænel (Berlin) 1847. A double-outline version is shown by Fonderie Générale|René (Paris) 1858 and Boston TF in 1860. L. Johnson & Co. (Philadelphia) showed both versions in ≤1867.¹

Since Nicolette Gray does not document it, it most likely originated in France ≤1847.

All specimens examined are numbered. Fortunately, the Solotype Catalog [19] supplies the agreeable tradename Jeffrey#!

Many thanks to THP Partner Alan Prescott for preserving fabulous chromatic separations of this appealing golden oldie.

¹The date 1867 is deduced from the stereotyped(?) specimen published by MSJ in July 1869, which is imprinted L. Johnson & Company while other pages are marked MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. According to Annenberg [164], “Lawrence Johnson died on April 26, 1860, but the firm continued to operate and distribute type catalogs with his name until 1867.”

November 29, 2013 at 6:41 PM #5521

Alan Jay Prescott

Jeffrey has been preserved as Jeffers Contour and there are several derivatives:
Jeffers Contour


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