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March 24, 2016 at 4:32 AM #26947


THP’s committed volunteer partners deserve recognition and income for their work—ASAP! The Type Heritage Bazaar website is intended to sell their extraordinary fonts to eager patrons who have already expressed significant interest in owning them. At the same time, sharing the proceeds* would support future research and publishing.

Since launching the original textbook-related site in 2011 and the Chapel forums in 2013, the original project has become a “three-website circus”! It is increasingly difficult to manage everything myself.

  • Trying to do so would be a dis-service to partners, who have patiently trusted me to produce a secure eCommerce venue for their work.
  • Furthermore, I must redirect primary attention to The Type Heritage Project textbook series.

*Partner royalty, 75%; THP commission 25%—the most generous known in today’s font industry.


Funding salaries for one or more assistants is a “stretch goal” of an IndieGoGo campaign. If adequate funding is raised for custom code that properly presents the fonts for sale, I will need help to maintain the bazaar site and its relationship with others:

  • Forum topics about the history and digital development of revivals offered for sale.
  • Fonts designed and/or cut by John F. Cumming and colleagues.
  • Documentation images stored by, host of an active type community that directs frequent incoming traffic to THP sites.

 Qualifications—if I can do it, then (with a little practice) you can do it!

  • No original HTML or PHP coding required.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) experience not necessary; easily learned as needed.
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress [WP].
  • Willingness to learn use of special-purpose WP templates:


  • Organize partner uploads, prep preliminary font description pages (example).
  • Assist partners with chores they are unable to manage (a private forum will be set up for this purpose).
  • Cross-link fonts offered for sale, forum topics and related posts at
  • Update charts monitoring revival wish-list and project status.
  • Apply and update existing and new plugins at THP sites.
  • The original site must be migrated to a new host and simultaneously updated to the latest WP version.
    • Copy pages to new host/latest WP version.
    • Transfer tool-tip features (acronyms, footnotes) generated by outdated plugins to new ones.

Salary $50/hr

Initial setup may require full-time work temporarily. Thereafter, perhaps three to five hrs/wk.

Applicants for any or all of these tasks, please respond below. Your comment will remain confidential if you check the “Set as private reply” option.

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