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JohnsonThis jazzy stylized latin design was patented by Herman Ihlenburg in May–June 1892 with assignment to MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan [USPTO D21607]. It was shown in the MSJ catalog of the same year, a few months after joining ATF.

It was surely named for Lawrence Johnson [1801–1860], the firm’s much-beloved predecessor. Johnson had wisely groomed his trusted employees, Thomas MacKellar as well as John F. and Richard Smith (sons of George F. Smith, his former partner), to succeed him.¹


The same face was shown as Elefanta by Karl Brendler & Söhne (Vienna) in Petzendorfer’s Schriftenatlas of c1903² (not in 1898), and the Solotype Catalog identifies it by the same tradename.³ Because of Mr. Solo’s influential Dover publications, the Austrian name is better known today.

Besides Johnson, Brendler also distributed (perhaps copied?) two unpatented fonts introduced by the Dickinson TF|ATF•Boston: Quaint (DTF ≤1888) as Desdemona, and Florentine (originated by the Binner Engraving Company c1897, introduced by ATF c1897) as Venezia.

Many thanks to THP Partner Nick Curtis for his affordable revival!

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