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Lakeside ScriptNamed for an area of South Chicago bordering Lake Michigan, the design for this backhand beauty with plentiful alternates and ligatures was conceived and cut by Charles E. Heyer [1841–1897].

Since Barnhart Brothers & Spindler was not yet incorporated, he assigned patent rights to the three principals by name in November 1882; his application was approved about three months later [USPTO D13560].

The earliest commercial specimen examined was shown in three sizes by Palmer & Rey in 1884. By 1889, a fourth size was added; by 1893, two sizes of Lakeside No. 2. BBS discontinued it between the catalogs of 1907 (the last one known before ATF acquisition in 1911) and 1925 (the final one); ATF did not carry it.²

¹Tribby, D.M. (2003): Catalogs of the American Typefounders’ Company and Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1897-1971. American Amateur Press Association (

Preliminary Specimensflickr imagesWorking Specimens 

  • Patent Exhibit. Dual-case alphabets and numerals excluding certain glyphs, routine punctuation plus &$?!, original alternates.
  • Commercial Showings (10). Glyphs missing from patent exhibit, “updates” of some letters and numerals, additional alternates and ligatures.



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