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August 13, 2015 at 8:14 PM #23245


When someone purchases a font, they don’t own the font per sé—only the right to use it. Rights are specified by an End User License Agreement [EULA]. Violation of the EULA by a patron constitutes grounds for revocation of the license and, for infringement of intellectual property, federal prosecution in the US and other countries of origin.

It is the Partner’s responsibility to determine the rights to be granted, to compose documents expressing them and to associate the appropriate EULA with each font. Example issues:

  • Number of central processing units [CPUs] where it may be installed.
    • A patron may intend to install the font on a desktop, laptop and/or mobile device.
    • If the font is purchased for a workgroup, may it be installed on a server?
  • Embedding Level. May the font be embedded in MS Office applications? PDFs?
    • Font pirates can extract, use and/or distribute embedded fonts.
    • Even so, the market for a non-embeddable font is limited.
  • Service Bureau. May the font be provided to a commercial printer for press output?

Paste EULASample EULAs, MyFonts and Familiar Vendors

General Terms, Monotype/MyFonts
Nick’s Fonts 
Font Mesa

Easy Digital Downloads [EDD], the template package selected for the THP Bazaar site, offers excellent flexibility for assigning licenses.

When you create a new product page for a font, paste the license into this dialog box:

  • You may choose a “one size fits all” EULA applied to every font; OR
  • For certain fonts, you may prefer to cite special limitations.

EULA Terms, EDD Checkout Page

THP’s general terms are shown at the top of the screenshot on the left.

The terms you entered when creating the product page are shown next.

When multiple fonts are purchased at the same time, the terms for each font are shown.

In the example, the patron intends to purchase XYZ Font One as well as the XYZ Fonts Two and Three package.

The Purchase button does not function until all check-boxes are enabled to indicate consent.

Licensing poses a great deal to think about and an unpleasant chore for Partners. To prepare your fonts for sale as soon as possible, it is best to tackle it NOW, before the Bazaar site “goes public.”

January 23, 2018 at 1:05 AM #31474


Robert reports that FontLab supports entry of the EULA in the “Names and Copyright” dialog with an optional link. By all means, take advantage of this convenience if it is available to you.

Even so, the same license terms will be stated on the check-out page and agreement is required before purchase is enabled.


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