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The little-known Lindsay Type Foundry was important for its connection to the Dauchy & Co. advertising agency. During the late 1860s, Robert Lindsay briefly partnered with wood-type producer John G. Cooley, who established Dauchy & Co. and introduced the scheme of bartering printing equipment, wood type and easily/cheaply produced, inferior electrotyped copies of competitors’ designs for newspaper advertising space. Apparently, the Lindsay TF produced such “knock-offs” for Dauchy & Co.

By the 1870s, widespread electrotyping piracy became a serious problem for traditional US TFs; by the 1880s, hopeless competition against it precipitated price wars that threatened industry-wide collapse. Together with adoption of the US Point System, these closely inter-related issues were primary motives for cash-strapped US TFs to unite as American Typefounders’ Company in 1892.

History of the even more obscure A.W. Lindsay TF “spin-off” is included.

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