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From the Silver Buckle Collection, University of Wisconsin:

This catalog was issued after the ATF merger of February 1892. Even so, members continued their original names (and cut-throat competition!) until 1895, after Robert W. Nelson was elected General Manager by the stockholders’ meeting of 1894.¹

Bullen credits Nelson with rescuing ATF from early financial distress, uniting rival branches as corporate “team members” and adroitly handling competition with ATF non-members.¹

An announcement published in The Inland Printer of April 1895 reads, “All branches of the American Type Founders have dropped the use of local names and will do business under the name of the American Type Founders’ Company.”

¹Bullen, H.L. (Pen-Name Quadrat): Discursions of a Retired Printer. In The Inland Printer 12:39, July 1907.


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