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August 22, 2015 at 3:53 AM #23484


Most THP activities require my personal attention.

  • A few may be delegated to volunteers.
  • Forums are “delegate-able.”
  • They are also vitally important, very interesting and even fun!

Are YOU willing to moderate a revival forum?


  • Trust and commitment are The Most Valued Qualities.
  • Experience with a spreadsheet application is a plus.
  • Spreadsheets are easy to learn, and this job requires only novice skills.
  • Powerful free software is available for working on- or off-line (see Options below).

Privileges. Your User Role will be “promoted” to Editor with related privileges. Another plus is the ability to append private remarks to topics for sharing with THP and other Forum Moderators.

Safety Nets. The THP Forums site is an isolated sub-domain of built on bbPress, a WordPress plug-in that manages interactive discussion threads.

  • No mistake (everyone makes them!) can affect the eCommerce and educational sites.
  • The host server automatically backs up everything daily.
  • In case of disaster, an earlier site version can be restored with little or no harm done.

Duties. Nothing involved is difficult. After a quick training session, it will take only a little of your time.


Maintain a revival-status chart for your forum.

  • A (private) “starter chart” with column headings and existing revival projects will be furnished for each letter or range.
  • For each new topic, add a row to your chart and enter the information into the columns.
  • Update the status (proposed vs in progress vs complete) as revival projects develop.
  • Post related news in the topic discussion—this step will automatically list it as “hot.”
  • Sort the chart alphabetically by tradename and save your changes.
  • Notify me to integrate your “piece of the puzzle” with the Master Chart.
  • If you are willing, update the Master Chart too!


To fit nicely within a consistent row height, these “thumbnails” should be about 40-48 px vertical (taller size for ones with extensions below the baseline, etc.).

  • To support transparent backgrounds that look cool when the row changes color on hovering, the gif image format seems to work even better than png.
  • There may be a thumbnail specimen attached to the topic request or in the THP Wish-List.
  • If not, post a message in the topic thread asking the developer for one.
  • When you have the specimen, add it to the chart and link it to the discussion topic about the font (also easy to do).


There are several ways to collaborate on the charts—between us, we can plan logistics that work for you:

  • Use the f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s WordPress online plug-in, TablePress—it’s SO easy, I promise!
  • If you prefer, work with MS Excel or the free IBM/Apache equivalent, OpenOffice (I used this super app for Table 3), then import the spreadsheet to TablePress or send me an importable file.
  • Another option we can explore and evaluate is Google Sheets, a “cloud app” intended for this purpose.

If you are willing to undertake this responsibility as a service to The Type Heritage Project, please respond below.

Thanks SO much—I really need help to manage these chores!



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