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Screenshots and Instructions

These steps are optional! They are explained to address concerns of THP Partners who want to acknowledge the original source of the design while retaining (well deserved!) credit for their revival work.

  • The font editor illustrated is FontLab 4.6 (Windows).
  • The “properties” panels are generated by the Microsoft Font Properties Extension (Windows only).
  • This utility is rarely used by consumers today, who may prefer full-featured font viewers-managers that display multiple fonts and varying information about them. Even so:
    • It is very handy for developers to view info about truetype or opentype fonts by simply right-clicking the file-name.
    • It displays all details that might possibly be provided to consumers using font viewing-management apps.
  • The font used for testing purposes is a blank “new” font. You may examine and/or edit it to compare the results with your own font editor, font viewer-manager and/or platform.

Settings for the FontLab Copyright Information Dialog

  • Enter your unique text into the fields as shown below:
  • As signaled by the “taboo” symbol, do NOT click the “Build Copyright and Trademark Records” button—your manual entries will be overwritten!
  • When entering copyright info, it is best to spell out the word—Adobe warns that the © symbol is not universally supported.
  • Library of Congress guidelines indicate that the year should be the first record, followed by your name and/or company name.

Corresponding results as displayed by the Microsoft Font Properties Extension.

  • Note that text entered in the FontLab “Created by” field displays as the Font Vendor.
  • A different FontLab dialog is a more effective way to steer consumers to the commercial source for your work.
  • Stay tuned!

If you have questions or concerns about this topic, please share them with the chapel by entering them in the Reply panel below. Thank you for your contribution to The Type Heritage Project!

PreviousOverview of revival legalities.


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