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March 23, 2016 at 8:24 AM #26909


I’ve been v-e-r-y busy lately prepping the bazaar site for IndieGoGo visitors…

The new banner above is a clickable “image map“:

  • The area labelled IndieGoGo links to the permanent crowd-funding campaign page, which is not yet launched (pending perks, a realistic budget and a few tweaks including the “slide show”). Please feel free to view the semi-final draft!
  • Code Geeks leads to a page describing plugins needed for full-width specimen presentation and font rasterization (glyph map, test drive) and a layout obstacle not addressed by Easy Digital Downloads templates. In case you or someone you know can help, please check it out.
  • More Jobs is about help with the “grunt work” it will take to organize and showcase the fonts once they are uploaded by partners. Who knows? Maybe a Chapel member is the right candidate to tackle one or more of these chores.

I have been wisely advised by a marketing guru to time this crowd-funding appeal in consideration of the US income tax return deadline (April 15), when many potential contributors may not be in a generous mood. Assuming the perks, budget and everything else “falls into place,” May 1 is the tentative kickoff date.

IndieGoGo Terms differ from those of, which crowd-funds only artistic projects (possibly The Type Heritage Project textbook series).

  • IndieGoGo distributes contribution pledges even if the desired dollar goal is not funded.
  • In Demand. The maximum campaign period is 60 days—30 days is recommended. Provided the original dollar goal is funded by the expiration date, additional contributions extend indefinitely (fee assessed by


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