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June 26, 2017 at 1:01 AM #30798


A newly discovered *magical* “query” plugin almost replaces and then extends the super-powers of the EDD Features Widget with shortcodes that “fetch” and display full-width type specimens with certain properties (e.g. period of introduction, style category, designer, partner, etc.) exactly as expected by patrons.

Best of all, it can perform this trick on standard WP pages presenting interpretive info. After thoroughly testing the free version, I upgraded to the “pro” one for compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads.

The pro plugin costs only $39.00/year instead of $100/hour for custom coding (a crowd-funding campaign may be unnecessary)! It is in active use by 70,000+ websites and so is v-e-r-y likely to be supported for many years of WordPress and Easy Digitial Downloads upgrades.

Please take a peek at the *fabulous* results! For example when a patron clicks “1870–1879” in the menu sidebar (Browse the THP Bazaar/Display Type Revivals/Period), they will see all fonts associated with the term “1870s”; in the future, partners will be equipped to assign the relevant categories and tags:


Newest Oldies 
Today’s Bargains
On the Drawing Board…

Herman Ihlenburg
Boston Type Foundry

The next one is extra-important—a preview of how partners’ storefronts will look and function:

XYZ Revival Fonts

Sometimes, links to intended pages *mysteriously* misdirect to unrelated comments posted at forums.typeheritage.com (THIS site). PLEEZE notify me if this happens to YOU!

P.S. Most sincerely heartfelt thanks to all who volunteered to help “The Little Red Hen.” I will contact you privately soon with the info you will need to follow up on your most generous commitment to The Type Heritage Project.


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