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April 9, 2015 at 8:40 AM #21866


A major problem in the font presentation scheme for bazaar.typeheritage.com has been solved, and The Light At The End Of The Tunnel is BLAZING!

Thanks to the super-powers of an all-too-obscure plugin for Easy Digital Downloads called the EDD Features Widget, an amazing function labeled Similar and Compatible Fonts has been added to the inner sidebar when viewing a font product:

  • A linked menu *automatically* listing the designer (if known), historical period, style (latin, transitional, egyptian, sans serif, etc.), style variation (curls, 3D, banner, etc.) and THP partner magically appears.
  • These “features” are manually assigned to every font product. The rest is *automatically* performed by the plugin.
  • Clicking one of the menu links *automatically* generates a “specimen sheet” of ALL fonts with the same features.
  • The specimens are presented as patrons will expect: full-width, instead of the thumbnail/text excerpt/grid layout native to most downloads (MP3s, software, photo images, etc.).
  • Examples of this wonder may be viewed here:

This plugin enables the ideal presentation strategy I imagined when I undertook development of this eCommerce site.

Final Styling Hurdle. The inner sidebar should be displayed only when viewing specific font products. Removing it when the automatically generated Specimen Sheets are displayed involves coding—not my forté! With help from forums supporting my wonderful theme and the EDD plugin, I hope to solve this fine-tuning issue soon.

While I work on setting up forums for discussing What Happens Next, please feel free to explore demo pages already in place.

It won’t be long now… Anna


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