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This topic WAS about the history of two type foundries with similar names, both established in San Francisco by Nelson C. Hawks during the 1870s–1880s.

Unfortunately, it was zapped during reorganization of the forum on US TFs; equally extensive ones on the Bruce and Barnhart Brothers & Spindler TFs were lost at the same dreadful moment.

Re-writing it is challenging because accounts by Annenberg and Loy are contradictory. Until I have a chance to do so, here is a chronological overview (from memory)—dates, details, citations and illustrations will be restored ASAP:

  • In 1878, Miller & Richard (Edinburgh) opened a San Francisco branch managed by John J. Palmer.
  • When the branch was unsuccessful, M&R closed it in 1882.
  • Mr. Palmer partnered with V.J.A. Rey.
  • Hence Palmer & Rey, which joined ATF in 1892.
  • One of the first ATF catalogs (1896), the Pacific Coast Blue Book, was issued in San Francisco.
  • In 1874, John Marder recruited Hawks, then a Milwaukee resident, to open a branch of Marder, Luse & Co.|Chicago Type Foundry in San Francisco.
  • The Marder Luse branch was called Pacific Type Foundry.
  • This branch also failed; in 1884, it too was acquired by Palmer & Rey.
  • Hawks then worked for Palmer & Rey.
  • Hawks left Palmer & Rey and partnered with a Mr. Shattuck.
  • The Hawks & Shattuck TF was later known as Pacific States Type Foundry.
  • Pacific States TF did not join ATF. Their star designer was Gustave F. Schroeder.
  • After operating successfully for about 20 years, it was destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake disaster (1906).

See also Thou Art the Man.
Please explore the tags above for supplementary information.


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