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Packaging is retail presentation of your work: Engage the patron’s sense of a fair price for a valuable product! Each package is described and priced on a product page. THP will assign a unique accounting code to each package.

Packages are permanent; bundles (more below) are flexible.

ZipFiles. Package each product in a zipfile:

  • One font, sold singly.
  • The same font plus related extras, weights, color separations, etc.
  • The same font combined with any others at your discretion.
  • All fonts in your Bazaar collection.


Zipfiles must contain:

They may also optional documents:

  • A coupon for future discount.
  • Demo illustrating creative uses of the font(s).
  • A personal statement about you and your thoughts on preservation of historical fonts.
  • Advertisements for your fonts including any not represented by the THP Bazaar.
  • A catalog of all fonts you have produced.
    • This option may require persistent update of multiple zipfiles.
    • Instead, distribute a current version at the Bazaar site.
  • Links to personal website, forum topics, flickr specimens, social media, etc.
  • Historical specimens of the font(s).
  • Sample spreads of the THP textbook series.

Never embed your fonts in a final PDF!

Strategy Suggestions

  • If a revival commercially available elsewhere includes non-keyboard glyphs not intended by the original designer, package a discounted “historical” version without them.
  • If a revival includes original extras like a new lower case, alternate letterforms, ornaments, etc., package them separately and together.
  • For purchase of your entire Bazaar collection, offer discounted pricing of all future fonts (enclose a permanent coupon).

Bundling. EDD offers easy-to-use options for combining products. Bundling does not replace permanent multi-font packages—it is intended for limited-time discounts when two or more are purchased together. Each package is itemized on the patron’s invoice and in your records with the original accounting codes.

  • Buy XYZ Font A, get XYZ Font B free/half price.
  • All XYZ fonts originated by the same designer.
  • All XYZ fonts introduced during the 1880s.

Technical Notes. Platform differences:

GoudyLeaf-RightSee also Pricing, Font Formats and Purchase Incentives in the Partner Preliminaries Forum.


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