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Packaging is retail presentation of your work: Engage the patron’s sense of a fair price for a valuable product! Each package is described and priced on a product page. THP will assign a unique accounting code to each package.

Packages are permanent; bundles (more below) are flexible.


Package each product in a zipfile:

  • One font, sold singly.
  • The same font plus related extras, weights, color separations, etc.
  • The same font combined with any others at your discretion.
  • All fonts in your Bazaar collection.




  • A coupon for a future discount.
  • Demo illustrating creative uses of the font(s).
  • A personal statement about you and your thoughts on preservation of historical fonts.
  • Advertisements for your fonts including any not represented by the THP Bazaar.
  • A catalog of all fonts you have produced.
    • This option may require persistent update of multiple zipfiles.
    • Instead, distribute a current version at the Bazaar site and/or notify your patrons via eMail.
  • Links to personal website, forum topics, flickr specimens, social media, etc.
  • Historical specimens of the font(s).
  • Sample spreads of the THP textbook series. Click the illustrations for full-size images, then save it to your own system.
  • Anything else that you think is relevant to historical fonts in general and your work in particular. No pornography, religion or politics, please <LOL!>.


  • Build a “template” zipfile containing everything you intend to include with every purchase.
  • Open the zipfile and add to it the images, PDFs, etc. relating to the specific package.
  • Save the zipfile with the unique filename of your marketing package.
  • Upload the zipfile as directed by the Easy Digital Downloads interface.

Never distribute a final PDF embedding your fonts! Instead, do this (Acrobat pro or free equivalent):

  • Create the PDF as usual.
  • Save each page in a raster format (jpeg, tiff, png, etc.); minimum resolution 150 dpi.
  • Create a new PDF from the raster files.

The new PDF illustrates only “pictures” of your precious fonts without vulnerability to bad guys who know how to convert specimens into usable outlines.

Marketing Strategies

  • If a revival commercially available elsewhere includes non-keyboard glyphs not intended by the original designer, package a discounted “historical” version without them.
  • If your revival includes original extras like a new lower case, alternate letterforms, ornaments, etc., package them separately and together.
  • For purchase of your entire Bazaar collection, offer discounted pricing of all future fonts (enclose a permanent coupon).

Bundling. EDD offers easy-to-use options for temporarily combining products as marketing strategies. This option does not replace permanent multi-font packages—it is intended for limited-time discounts when two or more fonts are purchased together. Each font thus sold is itemized on the patron’s invoice and in your records with the original accounting codes. Examples:

  • Buy Font A, get Font B free, half-price, etc.
  • All XYZ fonts originated by the same designer.
  • All XYZ fonts introduced during a certain period.
  • All XYZ Display/Script/Graphic/Non-Revival fonts.
  • All XYZ faces distributed by a certain producer.

Platform Considerations

GoudyLeaf-LeftRelated Pages

See also Pricing, Font Formats and Purchase Incentives in the Partner Preliminaries Forum.


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