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August 22, 2015 at 1:27 AM #23458


Topics discussed at the THP Chapel site are intended for permanent reference by future type historians 100 years from now…

The one about digital type specimens is frequently visited by researchers all over the world. According to my “stats” plugin, some of them check it daily (at least once!). By now, it has become so important and so diverse that it should be re-organized by country plus “International.”

As always, this much too sensible idea is easier said than done. So far, I have managed only to “promote” the topic to a separate sub-forum of Resources and set up intended sub-forums. They are empty because I can find no way to transfer individual comments to them without losing the original post dates automatically generated by the forums software package.

Someday when I have “nothing better to do,” I will either learn the right way to do it (if there is one) or manually cut ‘n’ paste the text where it should be, crediting the author and noting the original post date.


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