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Pen TextMcGrew writes that this vertical script was introduced in c1879 by the Cincinnati TF,¹ which joined ATF in 1892. It was apparently discontinued after the catalog of 1900.

In the meantime, Barnhart Bros. & Spindler also acquired it; specimens are shown in the 1893–1894 Pony Book and regularly thereafter. It was renamed Engravers Upright Script for the 1925 catalog (thank you, Robert!).¹

Letterforms of the swash caps match the plain ones. In some commercial specimens, the ornamentation appears to be printed in gray, which implies that it was intended for multi-color work.

¹McGrew, M. (1993): American Metal Types of the Twentieth Century (Second, Revised Edition), page 133. Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, DE.

Historical Specimensflickr imagesWorking Specimens

Excellent high-resolution scan(s) of all glyphs including both sets of caps (the lower case is the same for both).
Multiple commercial showings.


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