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October 24, 2015 at 7:50 AM #25509


JollyRogerAt first, it seemed that uploading images of completed revivals to flickr.com was a good idea. It’s still a good idea, especially if they are linked to THP forum topics about them that will direct traffic to the Bazaar site for purchasing them.

Wake-up call… These images are commercially VALUABLE. I am increasingly concerned that they may become working specimens for someone else, who may “auto-trace” them, release far-inferior fonts and wreck the market for THP Partners’ masterpieces.

Already, Robert has been ripped off: Last year, he recognized his original alternate letterforms in the above specimen by a commercial competitor. Recently, he supplied the super-rare specimen for Alan’s incredible Tangier revival from his equally rare photo-lettering library. This specimen is no longer super-rare—anyone can snatch it easily!

The flickr images of Tangier are amazing quality, viewed at least ten times per day during the first three days and even “faved” by someone who wants to conveniently refer to it in the future. The flickr support forum on this subject concludes that there is no way to prevent such piracy; professional photographers complain about it constantly. The All Rights Reserved option is virtually useless.

I have researched plugins that address this issue for THP sites (of course, they work only with WordPress, not with flickr)—there is something wrong with all of them. Reviews reveal devious workarounds that may be impossible to disable:

  • Select All and paste into a word-processor.
  • Print the page, ideally as a PDF file.

Nothing on Earth will ever defeat the hard-wired, easy-as-pie screenshot (best with the full-screen view—toggle F11). I happen to have an excellent utility (bundled with Corel products) for this purpose:

  • It allows setting the resolution and file format instead of accepting 96-dpi jpegs (default for my own Windows/Firefox system).
  • I shudder to think of tools like this in the hands of unscrupulous villains who might rob THP and Partners because no precautions have been taken!

How to Prevent (or at Least Discourage) “Hijacking” of Our Hard Work

  • Isolate a few glyphs at high resolution as a preview. Layer it over a low-resolution image of the full charset resampled to the final setting. This should indicate detail without exposing it.
  • Superimpose a watermark. This free program (not tested) has good reviews at download.com:
  • Use a background image to “outsmart” auto-tracers; for example, a tiny-gauge grid the same color as the specimen.
  • Combine some or all of the above suggestions.

GoudyLeaf-RightYour specimens are clearly creative works. Like your fonts, they are automatically protected by copyright. If the copyright is registered, prosecution of infringement is much more likely to be successful. Considering Robert’s experience, it may be more important to register the specimen than the font itself!

Please replace your flickr specimens ASAP. Right now, this task is much more important than anything discussed in the Partner Preliminaries Forum!

October 24, 2015 at 1:58 PM #25535

Alan Jay Prescott

It is hard to believe that any auto tracer could deal with the resolution of the samples I have uploaded. As a test, I copied several glyphs at the downloadable version of the JPG I posted and the tracer can’t do a thing with it that looks anything close to the original. It’s all pixels and no detail at all. Still, I think your idea of a glyph or two as a teaser is worth a try. I agree that it it doesn’t really seem necessary to post a full character set in any case. Anyone interested in typography will assume that the full character set was produced and that a designer wouldn’t spend time working on one character.

October 25, 2015 at 5:20 AM #25554


Thanks SO much for this reassuring test—I feel a bit less panicked already… I definitely agree that it is unnecessary to display the entire charset, which may include original extras and/or super-rare glyph-source specimens.

In the case of Tangier, the single letter “T” is adequate to pique interest without giving away the farm. Please continue to edit your flickr specimens accordingly.

For future marketing purposes, it would be smart to link your flickr specimens to THP Chapel topics, which will link to product pages at bazaar.typeheritage.com labelled “buy this revival” (or a better name that may occur to me later…).

I sure hope that other Partners will follow your example!

October 25, 2015 at 2:24 PM #25561


Perhaps to do it the old fashioned way, by using various random phrases much like those commercial specimen catalogs for the flickr samples? This way you can show off the font without risking people creating knockoff versions since no full glyph is shown…

In any case, this is just my opinion. The one letter showing could work as intended…

I guess this could be helpful?

Random phrase generator: http://watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/RandomPhrase
Random sentence generator: http://watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/RandomSentence

October 28, 2015 at 11:23 PM #25607


Thanks jch02140,

Your links are so useful that I copied them to a new topic in the Partner Resources Forum.


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