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…may be difficult to determine, and only YOU can decide it. Besides the inestimable value of your time, aesthetic judgment and technical expertise, consider these points:

MyFonts Comparisons

  • Some caps-only revivals with the basic charset and unstyled, generic non-keyboard glyphs sell for as much as $25.00.
  • Some dual-case revivals with the same charset including ornaments, etc. assigned to cells intended for glyphs inappropriate for the style sell for less than $8.00.
  • Some highly ornate OpenType revivals with extensive extras sell for nearly $70.00.

Font Features

Screenshot of a typical EDD product page (links not functional here), where you will market your font as discussed below.

FeaturesTabOptional Information

  • Embedding. Unless the font is fully embed-able, it may be best not to volunteer this information. In any case, it must be addressed in the license.
  • OpenType Flavor. Since FontLab and Fontographer generate Adobe Compact Font Format [CFF] outlines by default, your OTFs are probably PostScript flavor. This is a plus to print-oriented professionals, so mention it.
  • Release Version. It may be an effective marketing tool to offer free upgrades in case you later add a glyph or make an overall improvement.

“Slob Appeal” and “Snob Appeal”

According to Madison Avenue lore, “A pretty girl can sell anything to anyone.” How does the face itself look? What else is special about it?

  • Is it beautiful? fascinating? cute? exotic? artistic? thematic?
  • Does it arrest the attention? communicate a subliminal message?
  • Does it “work” with popular text faces in today’s layouts?
  • Is it rare? historically significant? why?

Bang for the Buck

  • Does your font include historically authentic extras like small caps, initials, ornaments, etc.?
  • Have you designed new lower-case letterforms, alternates, ligatures, etc.?
  • Have you expanded the weight range? Produced chromatic separations?
  • Does your font address the mainstream international market (French, Spanish, German, etc.) with complete latin-alphabet diacritic glyphs?
  • Non-latin glyphs (Cyrillic, Greek, etc.) are valued by relatively few and may not justify an overall premium price. Consider offering versions with and without them.

Is your revival font commercially available elsewhere?

  • Agreements with other venue(s) may limit your options.
  • For example, the MyFonts terms stipulate that competitors’ prices may not “undercut” theirs.
  • Please review your contract(s) to avoid potential conflicts!
  • See also Font Formats, Incentive Options and Packaging in the Partner Preliminaries Forum.

Are there other versions of your revival font?

  • Existing versions of many revivals are available—some as free downloads.
  • THP is almost certainly aware of existing revivals and will advise you in confidence on request.
  • If competition exists, it potentially affects demand for your work regardless of relative quality.
  • When multiple revivals of the same face are represented by the THP Bazaar, patrons will be encouraged to purchase all of them to assure a range of weights and interpretive nuances for “mix ‘n’ match” layouts.
  • Unless the Partners involved object, such combo packages will be offered for less than the sold-separately total.

Once the price is set, EDD Shop Vendors may independently boost sales with discount and coupon purchase incentives.

Illustrated step-by-step how-to instructions for all EDD procedures will be discussed later.

GoudyLeaf-Right-e1433309044230See also Font Formats, Incentive Options and Packaging in the Partner Preliminaries Forum.


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