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August 20, 2017 at 6:39 AM #30993


Attention partners:

This summer, I have prepped the bazaar site for real-deal eCommerce!

At this point, “the ball is in YOUR court.” There is much work ahead that only YOU can do. Pleeze don’t fear or complain about these preliminary steps—the same ones are required by and all other font vendors.

Just DO it so you can be duly compensated for your h-a-r-d, historically v-e-r-y important work! To the best of my ability, I will help commercial newbies to get started.

The final step is an Easy Digital Downloads interface that enables you to upload font packages, organize and promote your storefront.  This “pro” plugin is licensed annually, so I will invest in it as soon as response warrants timely subscription.

Besides developers already declared as THP partners, I intend to link this topic in eMails directed to an extensive list of contacts.

October 8, 2017 at 3:31 AM #31287


The THP Bazaar is now fully equipped to tackle the next level: rewarding partners who have worked so hard to produce historically documented fonts! The THP Bazaar intends to become the “go-to” source representing:

  • Revivals of letterpress, photolettering and transfer-type display, book, script and other such pre-digital faces as:
  • Non-revival fonts (not based on printing types):
    • Scribal calligraphy, embroideries, personal handwritings, etc.
    • Ephemera. Designs suggested by posters, title pages, signage, logos, etc.
    • Simulations. Typewriters, labelers, rubber stamps, etc.
  • Graphic fonts. “Finishing touches” for historical layout projects (initials, mortised ad cuts, ornaments, border and corner motifs, etc.).

What Took So Long?

The Bad News. Early this year (2017), multiple supporting systems suddenly collapsed nearly simultaneously. The fallout resulted in disappointment and discouragement that rendered me all but helpless at first.

The Good News. A recently developed WordPress plugin addresses the top MUSTS for acceptable presentation of fonts developed by THP partners:

  • Pages linked to menu entries or responding to visitor searches MUST display automatically updated, full-width specimens of all relevant fonts.
  • Each specimen MUST link to a page presenting the font for sale in a dignified, scholarly context.

Why Thus Plugin is a Game-Changer

eCommerce packages supporting *ordinary* digital merchandise (MP3s, photos, software apps, etc.) preview them in rectangles arranged in grids or in glitzy variations unacceptable for historically documented fonts, which are best displayed as full-width specimens that patrons expect.

  • Overriding this limitation would require a “code geek.”
  • Contracting a qualified developer to do so in multiple scenarios would require a crowd-funding campaign.

Now, instead of raising who-knows-how-many thousands of dollars for custom coding, this plugin handles nearly everything for only $39/year instead of $100+/hour!

For example, it generates automatically updated pages displaying full-width specimens of all fonts organized in hierarchical categories or tagged as:

Plus, it generates automatically updated pages in response to featured menu entries highlighting fonts of the most timely interest:

At this writing, this plugin is in active use by some 80,000+ WordPress-based websites. Support is excellent, and it is highly likely that it will continue to serve the THP Bazaar far into the future.


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