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April 15, 2014 at 3:28 AM #8251


Beginning in 1942, Dan X. Solo [1928–2012], fondly called DXS, collected worldwide some 6,000 letterpress fonts and specimens. For the next five decades, he curated and converted about 5,000 of them to film for his photolettering service. Because of his extremely influential Dover publications, countless revival typefaces are known today by the tradenames he assigned to them.

DXS once told me that when he switched to the digital medium, he scanned hundreds? thousands? of these films to his pre-OSX Macintosh. Where are these precious images today? Where are the original films?

His death in May 2012 was announced by Steven Heller, noted author of many publications on type, who generously included a reprint of his 1998 interview with DXS and an extensive sampling of his work.

In the comments below the article, there are two very interesting posts dated June 12, 2012: First an inquiry by DXS’s stepson Dave, seeking an appraisal of the historical and commercial value of “a number of vintage materials” discovered among his effects.

The second, immediately after (and above) it, is a response by Stuart Sandler of Font Diner. Explaining that he had recently worked with DXS, he urged Dave to contact him directly. What happened next?

February 15, 2017 at 2:25 AM #29506


The Solotype Collection of type is in the hands of his younger relatives, this information was gathered from a retired typesetter who new Mr. Dan Solo. The books and notes that he owned were donated to a museum in California.

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